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What kind of damage can you claim for your injuries after a car accident?

Texas has various rules that favor you when claiming some economic recovery from damage or loss, and even injurylesiones. For example, medical expenses, lost income, emotional stress, and pain and suffering are just some of the factors that are worthy of demand before the law.

Texas car accident lawyers David Sanchez manage to reach high agreements, as they are not afraid to take car accident cases to court; and, according to their metrics, they always come out, as they are over prepared for these types of resolutions.

Still, it’s important to know what kind of damage you can claim under Texas State law after a car accident. In this way, the legal process will be easier for you and you will know perfectly well what decisions to make alongside your legal advisors, David Sanchez.

This is the kind of damage you can claim for injuries after a car crash in Texas

Lost salary or lost income

The lost wage, also known as lost income, refers to the money you would have earned at work from the time of the accident to the date your case is resolved. In itself, this allows you to recover the salary you would have received if it weren’t for your injuries and your recovery time.

Pain and suffering, and emotional stress

This refers to the compensatory damage that allows the injured person to recover from mental distress or physical pain caused by the injuries resulting from the accident, and compensation or payment is sought.

Medical expenses

If the injuries require hospitalization or medical care, insurers must be responsible for the full or partial payment of medical bills.

Out-of-budget expenses

Out-of-budget expenses, or extraordinary expenses, consist of expenditure that is not planned and that is produced without notice.

Damage to personal property

Damage to personal property relates to the conditions in which the car remains following the car accident. The person responsible for the crash shall be responsible for the damage done to the car.

Loss of the consortium

This refers to a legal action that may be brought by members of the family of a person who, after suffering a car accident, was seriously injured or died, due to the negligence of someone else. It is considered unfair death within the areas of legal practice.

If you have doubts about the type of claims you can make after a car accident in Texas, don’t hesitate to contact lawyers David Sanchez, experts in resolving legal cases around car accidents in this Texas city.


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