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A workplace accident, also commonly known as an occupational accident, is an unforeseen event in the workplace that results in an injury, or a casualty, to an employee. Common types of workplace accidents include: repetitive motion injuries, sprains and strains, falling, burns, head injury, bone fractures, and neck injuries.

Work Accident Attorneys in Irving, Texas

At David Sanchez Law Group, PLLC, we understand that accidents can happen anywhere, including the workplace. If you have been injured while on the job, knowing your rights and seeking the proper legal representation is crucial. Our experienced team is here to guide you through the complex world of work-related accidents, ensuring you receive the compensation and support you deserve.

Why Choose David Sanchez Law Group, PLLC?

When it comes to work-related accidents, you need a law firm that has the knowledge, expertise, and compassion to handle your case effectively. Here is why you should choose David Sanchez Law Group, PLLC for your work-related accident case.

  • Experience in work-related accident cases – Our firm has experience in work-related accident cases. We have a deep understanding of the laws and regulations surrounding workplace injuries in Texas, allowing us to navigate your case with precision and skill. From slips and falls to construction accidents, we have got you covered.
  • Attention to detail – At David Sanchez Law Group, PLLC, we believe in the power of personal attention. We take the time to listen to your story, understand your unique circumstances, and tailor our legal strategy accordingly. You are not just another case to us – you are an individual with specific needs, and we are committed to fighting for your rights.
  • Strong track record – With a strong track record of success in work-related accident cases, we have proven our ability to deliver favorable outcomes for our clients in Irving, Texas. We have secured significant settlements and verdicts, providing financial relief and justice to those who have suffered due to workplace accidents.

Common Types of Work-Related Accidents in Irving, Texas

Work-related accidents can take various forms depending on the industry and nature of the job. Here are some of the most common work-related accidents we handle at David Sanchez Law Group, PLLC.

  • Slips, trips, and falls: From wet floors to uneven surfaces, slips, trips, and falls are a leading causes of workplace injuries. Whether you have fallen on a construction site or slipped in an office building, we can help you pursue compensation for your injuries.
  • Machinery and equipment accidents: Operating heavy machinery or working with equipment carries inherent risks. If you have been injured due to faulty machinery, inadequate training, or negligence on the part of your employer, we will fight to hold them accountable.
  • Construction accidents: Construction sites are known for their hazardous conditions. Falls from heights, scaffolding collapses, and electrical accidents are just a few examples of the dangers construction workers face daily. Our team has extensive experience representing construction workers and advocating for their rights.
  • Occupational illnesses: Work-related accidents are not limited to physical injuries. Exposure to harmful substances, repetitive motions, and other occupational hazards can lead to long-term illnesses. If you have developed an illness due to your work environment, we can help you seek compensation for medical expenses and lost wages.

Steps to Take After a Work-Related Accident

Experiencing a work-related accident can be a stressful and overwhelming situation. it is essential to take the necessary steps following the incident to protect your well-being and ensure a smooth workers’ compensation claim process. Here are the steps you should take after a work-related accident:

  • Seek Medical Attention

Your health and safety should be a major concern and first priority. If you sustain an injury, seek medical attention promptly. Do so even if the injury appears minor. It is also helpful to inform the doctor that the injury is work-related. Getting immediate medical treatment not only ensures your well-being but also creates a medical record that can be crucial for your workers’ compensation claim.

  • Report the Accident

Next, ensure you inform your employer or supervisor about the accident. This should be done as soon as possible. Provide them with a detailed account of what happened, including the date, time, and location of the incident. You should also report any injuries, even if they seem insignificant or minor at the moment. Timely reporting is important as it helps establish a clear record of the accident.

  • Document the Incident

Whenever possible, document the accident scene and any visible injuries. Take photographs or videos of the area where the accident occurred, any hazards or equipment involved, and your injuries. Additionally, collect the names and contact information of any witnesses who saw the accident happen. These records can serve as valuable evidence for your workers’ compensation claim.

  • Follow the Employer’s Procedures

Familiarize yourself with your employer’s procedures for reporting accidents and injuries. Follow any specific protocols they have in place, such as completing incident reports or filling out specific forms. Failure to comply with these procedures could potentially hinder your workers’ compensation claim.

  • Consult with an Irving Work Accident Attorney

Contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can guide you through the claims process, protect your rights, and ensure you receive the maximum benefits you are entitled to. They will assess your case, gather evidence, handle communications with the insurance company, and advocate for your best interests.

  • Keep Detailed Records

Maintain a comprehensive record of all documents related to your accident and subsequent medical treatment. This includes medical reports, diagnostic tests, prescriptions, and receipts for any out-of-pocket expenses. Organizing and documenting your records will help support your workers’ compensation claim and ensure you have a complete account of your case.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Work related accidents happen more often than you would think. They might not be the most common type of personal injury case in Irving, Texas, but they do still happen. 

Workers’ compensation insurance is not mandatory for all employers in Texas. To know if you would qualify you would need to read your company’s policy.

Liability in a work-related accident can vary depending on the circumstances and parties involved. In general, potential parties who can be held liable in a work-related accident may include: the employer, a third party contractor, vender, etc, or a coworker. 

Even though Texas is an at will state, meaning they can fire you without needing a reason, they can’t fire you based on retaliation for reporting your workplace injury. 

Yes, you can ask your coworkers for witness statements if they witnessed your work-related accident. Witness statements can provide valuable evidence to support your claim and establish the facts surrounding the accident. It is important to gather witness statements as soon as possible while the events are fresh in everyone’s memory.

If you drive for work in Texas and are involved in a car accident, whether it counts as a work-related accident depends on the specific circumstances of the accident and the nature of your job. Generally, if you were performing work duties or engaged in work-related activities at the time of the accident, such as making deliveries, traveling between work sites, or running errands for your employer, it may be considered a work-related accident.

First and foremost, it ensures that you receive the necessary medical care to treat your injuries and promote your recovery. Some injuries may not be immediately apparent, and a medical professional can properly assess your condition and provide appropriate treatment. It also is helpful in your case if you have medical records.

Your attorney will do a case evaluation and they will also guide you through the entire legal process. Having the assistance of an attorney is invaluable. The attorney will also gather evidence, conduct investigations, help you negotiate a settlement, and if needed represent you in court. 

A work-related accident can give rise to a personal injury claim when the accident was caused by the negligence or wrongdoing of a third party


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