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What are the Top Five Factors That Lead to Trucking Accidents?

If you were injured in a Texas trucking accident, you may be searching for answers. Perhaps the crash caused you to suffer a head injury, and you are now struggling with memory loss. Maybe the impact caused your car to tumble and roll, leaving you completely dazed and traumatized. Perhaps you lost consciousness, and you are just beginning to recover in a hospital. Although many factors can cause truck accidents, there is a strong chance your crash was caused by at least one of these hazards:

1. Distraction

Distraction is a leading cause of truck accidents in Texas. As many truckers will readily admit, trucking can be very monotonous. Truckers may spend hours driving down boring, empty roads – and they may be tempted to distract themselves with various activities. The most obvious example is a smartphone. Truckers may use their devices to watch movies, text their friends, surf the web, or even play video games.

Other examples of distractions include food, reading, passengers, phone conversations, and much more. Even if truckers take their eyes off the road for a few seconds, this can be enough to cause an accident. On the highway, trucks may travel the length of a football field in a few seconds. If truckers become distracted during these few seconds, they’re effectively driving blind.

Fortunately, injured plaintiffs can prove that truckers were distracted moments before their accidents. After numerous truck accidents, authorities and injured plaintiffs have successfully obtained cellphone records that show exactly what truckers were doing on their devices moments before crashes. This can be enough to prove negligence.

2. Recklessness

Truck drivers are always on the clock. In other words, there is a financial incentive to drive as quickly as possible. The faster they complete their journeys, the more they earn each month. This often leads to highly reckless behavior and a range of traffic violations. The obvious example is breaking the speed limit, but there are many others to consider:

  • Failing to indicate before switching lanes
  • Improper merging
  • Failure to yield
  • Running red lights
  • Disobeying traffic signs
  • Road rage

3. Intoxication

Although most truckers are highly responsible, there are always a few exceptions. In numerous past accidents, truckers have caused serious injuries after driving drunk. These bored, tired truckers may decide to drink a few too many during a late-night stop at a bar. Keep in mind that Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) restrictions are very strict, and it is illegal for truckers to drive with a BAC of over 0.04%.

Of course, alcohol is not the only substance truckers consume before driving. They are also known to take various drugs behind the wheel – especially stimulants. Many truckers rely on these dangerous drugs to stay awake during long hauls. But while the drugs might keep them awake, they also cause various side effects. After consuming stimulants, truckers often lose the ability to judge distances between vehicles. Their reaction times may also suffer, and they may even experience higher levels of aggression behind the wheel. Even if truckers consume legal prescription drugs, it is still illegal to drive while impaired.

4. Vehicle Issues

Even if the trucker is alert and responsible, their vehicle may be far less reliable. Many trucking companies fail to properly maintain their vehicles, leading to issues like defective brakes or loss of suspension. Trucking companies may also place cargo onto trailers improperly, causing “unbalanced loads” that increase the chance of a rollover accident. Trucks traveling without trailers in “bobcat mode” are also inherently dangerous.

5. Fatigue

Another common challenge for truckers is fatigue, and this hazard has the potential to cause serious crashes. According to the Sleep Foundation, driving without enough sleep can be just as dangerous as driving drunk. Unfortunately, trucking companies often pressure their drivers to stay on the road for over 14 hours – increasing the likelihood of crashes. This is not only a clear sign of negligence, but also a clear violation of US transport laws.

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