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Texas car crash: The 5 steps you must follow after crash

Dallas is the host city of the Texas State Fair and year after year is held in large. You obviously wanna go. You and your friends prepare to attend the last weekend of this great event and, to get there, they piled up in the car; they can almost taste the snacks you plan to carry for the trip and talk about everything they want to do once they get there.

As they approach Fair Park, in southern Dallas, they manage to see the wheel of fortune, Texas Star, in the distance. Traffic advances a few inches, and it forces you to brake right away; but the person behind you doesn’t notice and doesn’t stop. You grab tightly behind the wheel while you feel your car is hit from behind. The shock is strong and your neck gets hurt.

So what are you gonna do? What are you gonna say? Who can you call, you need a car accident lawyer in Texas? Don’t worry. After these events it’s hard to think straight and know at the moment what you have to do. That’s why we leave you the 5 steps to follow after a car accident in Texas, so they don’t take you by surprise.

Steps to follow after a car accident

Step 1: Immediately stop the car and attend to the wounded

The first thing you have to do is stop the car. In Texas, in any car accident involving injuries, property damage, or any death, you have to stop the vehicle immediately in, or as close as possible, the crash scene, and stay there until you exchange information with the other driver.

Similarly, it is important to help and provide care to injured people; they may require preparation for transfer or transportation to a hospital or clinic, so if someone needs medical treatment, the first thing will be to call 911, so that they can be cared for by a medical expert.

Step 2: Move the cars involved in the accident

Watch the cars involved in the crash. Can you move safely? If so, move them away from the traffic flow of the road. If they can’t move, the Texas Department of Transportation recommends protecting the crash scene by lifting the awnings from cars, or making a perimeter by flares.

Step 3: Data exchange between those affected

Texas law states that you and the other driver are required to share the following information:
Names and addresses.
Registration numbers of cars of both drivers (plates).
The name of the insurers.
Driving licenses (if requested and remain in force).

Step 4: Do you need to call the police?

Just call the police if:
There are injured.
Damage is estimated at a thousand dollars or more.
You suspect the other driver is intoxicated.
A driver is uninsured.
A driver tries to escape the scene of the crash.

If police are not called, and the accident results in injury, death, or a thousand dollars or more in property damage, you must file a report of the accident at the Texas Department of Transportation within up to 10 days after the accident. You can do it from here.

Step 5: Contact your insurer

It is important to inform your insurance company of your accident, however, you are not obliged to automatically accept its estimates or valuations.

Drivers in Texas must have a financial liability test for their vehicles. This is usually achieved with civil liability insurance for cars. This type of insurance is mandatory for all vehicles with engines (including motorized bicycles) and must cover a minimum figure for possible material damage. Likewise, this insurance provides for physical harm to other persons.

The minimum limits in Texas are called coverage 30/60/25. This insurance covers $30,000 per injured person (up to $6,000 by accident), and $25,000 for property damage by accident. In some cases, coverage is higher than this.

Remember: To make agreements with your insurance company, you have to understand what your rights are, the lawsuits you can make, and the kind of damages you can claim for your injuries after a car accident in Texas. Therefore, you need to know in detail how financially your case is and consult our Clash Lawyers in Texas, David Sanchez; in this way you will manage to understand the laws around your accident, as well as the financial compensation you deserve for it. Never make a statement to an insurance expert without first consulting us. It’s important to avoid misunderstanding.


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