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Recent Rise in Motorcycle Accidents in Texas

If you ride a motorcycle in Texas, you’re probably aware of how dangerous this mode of transport has become. Perhaps you know a motorcyclist who lost their life in a crash. Maybe you personally face threats each day from reckless, negligent motorists on the road. You might be recovering from a serious motorcycle injury in the hospital as you read this. Official traffic statistics show that motorcycle accidents are spiraling out of control across the Lone Star State. More motorcyclists are dying or suffering serious injuries each year. What is causing this uptick? What can you do after a motorcycle crash in Texas?

Motorcycle Accidents in Texas are Spiraling Out of Control

In 2021, the Texas Department of Transportation (DOT) announced a sudden spike in motorcycle deaths. The previous year, 17% more motorcyclists lost their lives on the road compared to 2019. At that point in time, more than one motorcyclist was dying every 24 hours in the Lone Star State. A total of 482 motorcyclists died in 2020, while a further 1,856 suffered serious injuries.

Two years later, the Department of Transportation was forced to make a similar announcement. In 2023, they reported that “thousands” of motorcyclists were dying or suffering permanent injuries each year in Texas. By this point, motorcyclist deaths had increased by a further 8% compared to the previous year. This equated to 562 motorcyclist deaths and countless injuries.

Why are Motorcycle Accidents So Common in Texas?

In 2023, the Houston Chronicle reached out to motorcyclists across the State, asking them about this issue. Some of them pointed to the lack of proper safety training and “refresher classes.” Others complained that there are too few qualified motorcycle instructors in the State. Some say that many motorcyclists do not even bother to get a proper motorcycle license. Those who live in more rural areas often have to drive 200 miles to find the nearest safety course or motorcycle instructor.

Experienced riders say that there are too many beginners on the roads. Known as “squids” in the motorcycle world, these new riders are more likely to exhibit recklessness and high speeds. However, veteran motorcyclists also admit that other vehicles are to blame for numerous accidents. Specifically, experienced riders point to truck drivers as a major threat.

Traffic data seems to back up these beliefs. While negligent drivers cause numerous crashes each year, most motorcycle accidents are sparked by riders’ inexperience, intoxication, recklessness, and excessive speeds.

The Texas Department of Transportation highlights specific factors that make motorcycle accidents more common. The Department reports that many crashes occur when vehicles make left-hand turns in front of motorcyclists. This causes motorcyclists to crash into the side of the turning vehicles. DOT warns motorcyclists to reduce speed and properly judge distances when approaching intersections. But in many of these crashes, riders do absolutely nothing wrong. As many as 30% of motorcycle fatalities occur in intersections each year.

After reporting on increasing motorcycle fatalities and injuries, DOT also instructed drivers to “share the road” in a safer manner. They included the following tips:

  • Let motorcyclists pass first instead of trying to turn left in front of them
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Shoulder check
  • Check blind spots
  • Check mirrors
  • Always use turn signals (even when you think you’re alone on the road)
  • Give motorcyclists extra room when passing
  • Stay far back from a motorcyclist when following them

Unfortunately, it seems clear that these warnings are falling on deaf ears. After providing these tips in 2020, the Department of Transport copied and pasted them again in their 2023 report. Because motorcycle deaths and injuries increased dramatically between 2020 and 2023, it is fair to say that these tips are having no effect whatsoever. Either drivers are not reading them, or they just do not care enough about motorcycle safety. Perhaps both.

Work With an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Texas

Statistics may shed light on the unacceptable number of motorcycle accidents in Texas, but they cannot provide you with compensation. Instead of spending time on research, it makes more sense to focus on covering your losses.

If you have experienced a serious motorcycle accident in Texas, you can confidently pursue compensation alongside David Sanchez Law Group, PLLC. We know how life-altering these accidents can be. With our help, you can access medical treatment, cover your lost wages, and achieve a sense of closure. Contact us today at (972) 529-3476 – and take the first step toward justice.


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