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How do you determine who is to blame in a car accident in Texas?

In general, determining guilt and responsibility for car accidents in Texas can become complicated and depends on the circumstances that caused the accident.

For example, the crash may have been caused by both drivers – you and the other.

In this case, it would not be fair for the other driver to pay for all the damage, which you partially caused and of which you share responsibility. The law calls this as “Partial” – basically, it’s a way to divide a percentage of the blame between the parties involved in a traffic accident.

The federal entities manage this in different ways. In some states, if you have even 1 percent responsibility for the car crash, you can’t recover some of the damage. Texas, follows the so-called Modified Comparative Negligence Law, which allows you to be up to 50 percent guilty of the damage of a car accident and still recover an economic part. But the amount would be reduced depending on how guilty you are of the accident.

  • If you are found to be responsible for the accident, (i.e., it was your fault) in a proportion of 10 percent and claim damages of $10,000, you could only recover $9,000; it is equivalent to 90 percent of the total calculated.

How do you know who’s responsible for the crash?

Generally speaking, you will only be responsible for car accidents for which you are to blame. Most insurers advise drivers not to admit guilt in an accident because it could result in a complicated legal case.

A Texas car accident lawyer, I might say it’s better to report the situation with the insurance provider because, in this way, the company’s lawyers in charge of your self-cons insurance would contact other law professionals to determine guilt in your accident.

  • If you don’t have insurance, get legal advice from a professional, like that of car accident lawyers in Texas, David Sanchez, will be of greater help.
  • Remember: To win a case of car accidents, it is necessary to prove that the fault lies with the other driver, that is, of the responsible party. Witness statements, or police reports, are often essential for proving guilty. Evidence is essential to reaching a resolution in civilian cases.

Once this difficult step of finding responsibility for your accident has taken place, you must prove the damage. Some of them can be demonstrated through invoices and medical records; expense receipts, photos, witness statements, repair estimates, etc.

Claim and recovery of losses suffered by crash in Texas

If you weren’t the culprit, you can get compensation for your losses after a car accident.

A personal injury lawsuit is often an issue whose resolution is complicated for most people not dedicated to the lawyer.

  • Our car accident lawyers will assist you with all the documents, judgments, statements and invoices required by your case and, if necessary, we will take your case to court to claim compensation for your injuries.

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